Psychology surrounds us and it encapsulates all the aspects of our lives. Anything can be viewed within the perspective of psychology.

As far as I remember, nothing has ever fascinated me more than humans; their interactions; their mentality and how they grasp the universe. I knew far too young what I was made to do and am thrilled to be in the very profession I can see myself in for the rest of my life.

My view of psychological interventions is that of a reformist, making a difference, adding to the richness and freshness of human lives. Getting to know individuals and having the ability to help them has been an ongoing passion throughout my life and specifically ever since I started working as a psychotherapist and all until now, not only has this enthusiasm remain with me, but has been growing each and every day.

I have a Masters in Counselling Psychology and almost a decade of clinical practice with a wide variety of clients. I’ve conducted lots of group therapy sessions and have had speeches in different conferences and also have conducted researches and made publications all in the field of psychology. All that, coupled with my enthusiasm makes me confident and competent to state that this is what I’ve chosen to do and will do all within my power to make a difference, a change, a footprint in others’ lives. I’m made to do that. Why not make the world a better place to live in?


Yasamin Karimi

Registered Psychotherapist

Canadian Certified Counselor

Certified by:


College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association.

Quebec Counseling Association.

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